What should I wear?
We want you to be yourself. I’m sure you have heard it said, “Come just as you are!” Well, we embrace that. We want you to feel welcome among us. Some people may choose to wear their “Sunday Best” while others may wear jeans or shorts. The important thing is that you came through the doors.
Do you have anything for my kids?
Not only do we offer a Nursery for infants but we also have Bibleland during the Sunday School hour. In Bibleland our kids (from ages 3 -11) get to hear a Bible story then the rest of the month that story becomes a part of them through various means like making crafts and learning to cook. We also offer classes for our teens during the Sunday School hour (9:30-10:15). During the worship service, our teens stay in the service and get to be a part of the worship. However, after the music, our children (ages 3-7) and pre-teens (8-11) get to be involved in children’s church and junior church (respectively); giving them an experience that is more suited toward their attention spans. If you feel more comfortable having your kids in the worship service with you that is just fine. It is always a pleasure to see kids in Service!
Why don’t you pass the offering plates?
At Farmdale, we believe that the giving of tithes and offerings is an act of worship. We believe that this act of worship is between you and God, therefore we have Joy boxes located in the back of the sanctuary. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured into putting money “into the plate” because they think that everyone will see that they don’t put anything in. We want you to feel like you are giving to God out of love and devotion to him and not out of shame and fear that someone else is watching!